The various types or armor presented here are tailored to human size. There are, however, also dwarf-sized and goblin-sized sets. These would weigh somewhat less, but since carrying capacity is not a factor in TDE Mobile adventures, this will not figure into play. We have refrained from adding helmets and armor enhancements, since this would bring us beyond the scope of the game.

The purpose of armor is to soak up some of the damage inflicted by an opponent's successful hit; see Armor Rating (AR) »

However, armor also encumbers the person wearing it. Thus, all types of armor have a second numerical value besides AR:  Encumbrance (EC) »

Your hero may own more than one set of armor, but may never wear more than one.

The Structural value (SV) decreases with every damage an armor must take, it's . If it drops to Zero, the AR value is reduced by One. For every remaining AR value the Structural value is set to 50 again. You may want to look out for an armorer henceforth to get your armor repaired. The values in brackets show the entirely Structural value of an armor until it is absolutely worn.



A shield improves your Parry-Value »Since combatants usually no longer use their weapons to parry but rely on their shields instead, the shield's PA Weapon Modifier is added directly to your hero's Base Parry Value, ignoring any points of TP assigned to the respective weapon type's Talent Prowess. But a high Weapon Parry Value gives a small bonus of +1 by >= PA >= 15, +2 by >= PA 18, or +3 by PA >= 21. Your hero may get additional bonus points on Parry Value by taking the Off-hand or Shield Fighting I and II » Combat Abilities.

However, shields usually lower Attack Value and/or Initiative, since they take away from a combatant's agility.

Parrying Weapons

Off-hand Fighting is necessary to be able to use any Parrying Weapon. The Parrying weapon's PA Weapon Modifier is added directly to your hero's Base Parry Value. The AT Weapon Modifier is added to AT-value of the Parrying Weapon instead to the main weapon by using a shield. (But currently Parrying Weapons can not be used for attacks yet. This may be a feature added in the future.)

In contrast to shields the PA-Value of the main weapon (including the combat type's Talent Prowess) is used. This sum is modified with Off-hand Fighting only by -4, with Parrying Fighting I by -1, and with Parrying Fighting II by +2.

Although the usage of a Parrying Weapon without the special ability of Parrying Fighting II and without a positive PA-Modifier of the Parrying Weapon will bring disadvantages to the PA-value, there is the advantage that the main weapon will not take damage by a failed Break Test but will affect the Parrying Weapon.


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