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Basic RulesThese pages give you all the information you need to get the most out of your TDA Browser adventures. We have adapted all of the Dark Eye Basic Rules, as well as a few Advanced Rules, for use on browser. Some of the rules needed to be changed slightly to make them work on yo We have clearly pointed out all instances of this. If you have already played the game, you will feel right at home. If you have never heard of The Dark Eye, the information you find on these pages (along with the links to even more info) will tell you everything you need to know.

AventuriaThe Dark Eye is a fantasy role-playing game, encompassing an entire universe of adventure. Aventuria is a continent on the world of Ethra, a place similar to Earth. From north to south, Aventuria runs for about 3,000 Middenmiles; the broadest part measures about 2,000 Middenmiles from coast to coast. (One Middenmile equals one real-world kilometer.)

You take on the role of the main character in a story. This story has been divided into several parts and you get to choose between various plot alternatives. All the decisions are up to you, and the fate of your hero is in your hands alone.Before playing your first TDE Browser adventure, you need to create a hero of your own. There is a total of 14 archetypes to choose from. There is equality between the sexes in Aventuria, meaning it doesn't matter whether you will be playing a male or a female hero. You will find more information on the archetypes here: Archetypes ».

It is possible to create a new hero during an adventure. If you do so, however, you will need to start again from the beginning.

While playing, the game will save automatically at checkpoints. You may load one of these saved games from the main menu. If you create a new hero, all saved games will be lost, since you may never have more than one hero at the same time. If you turn on your cell phone and start the game, this will always take you to the section you have played last.



Once you have successfully completed the adventure, you may upload your hero over the air onto our server. This service is for free! Look at the Hall of Fame and compare your success with the heroes of other players. You may then use the same hero for your next TDE Browser adventure. By the way, you may play the TDE Browser Adventures in every order you want. The challenges will be adjusted automatically.

An Aventurian hero is defined by various game statistics. The most basic of these are the hero's Attributes »Your hero has also access to several Talents ».

If you want to learn more about the Combat » , click here.

If you have already taken a look at the Archetypes, you will have noticed that these come complete with Weapons » and Armor ». Each hero you create will begin the game with equipment appropriate for the respective Archetype. With the exception of the first TDE Browser adventure, all allow you to sell items found during a game and buy new stuff at merchants.

After certain accomplishments, your hero will be awarded Adventure Points, equaling experience gained during adventures. You may use these Adventure Points to improve your hero's game statistics in anticipation of even greater challenges.



Archetypes »

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