Deponia - The Puzzle

PC, Android, iOS


Chromatrix GmbH
Daedalic Entertainment GmbH

Daedalic Entertainment GmbH

Mai 2014




- 96 exciting puzzles with images from the acclaimed Point & Click Adventure series.

- Three singleplayer modes: Search & Find, Single Stack and Multi Stack

- Fast paced local multiplayer mode - compete with your friends.

- Adjustable difficulty: a challenge for beginners and experts.


Description Solving puzzles as a challenge, on your own or in pairs: more than 100 images from the acclaimed Deponia adventures („Deponia“, „Chaos on Deponia“, „Goodbye Deponia“) created by Daedalic Entertainment wait to be put back together. Solving the puzzles quickly and accurately awards bonus points: play for the high score, against your friends or the AI and become a puzzle master.
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‘Deponia – The Puzzle’ offers a completely new puzzle-experience and will be a challenge to the players' skills as they try to combine the various pieces of backgrounds from successful adventure games.

In a Versus-Mode, players can compete and testing their skills against each other. Furthermore, the games offer three single player modes: in 'Search & Find', the right piece from different piles has to be put in a predetermined place. Two other modes require puzzling via Drag & Drop. There are also variable difficulty settings, with up to almost 200 pieces per puzzle and surprises like rotating puzzles guaranteeing maximum mobile puzzle joy or just the occasional trip to the world of Deponia.

'With the new Daedalic puzzles we take another important step, along with our partner Chromatrix, on the tablet-market, which present a growth market for us, we don't want to exclude ourselves from', explains Daedalic CEO Carsten Fichtelmann. 'It's tremendous fun to see Daedalic's excellent adventures from a wholly new perspective by combining impressive images with our brand new puzzle-design', says Dr. Stefan Blanck, Managing Director of Chromatrix.


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