Cool!!! Trump as 3D Puzzle for iOS & Android

Puzzle the greatest president of the United States in 3D!

YES! In 3D! On every smartphone or tablet.

If you are paying attention you may even see the inner view of Trump of the world. At least in our interpretation.

Combine the pieces per drag & drop or puzzle in a completely new gameplay mode by finding the right piece out of a selection. Furthermore, two players can compete against each other simultaneously on one device.

Various number of puzzle pieces and levels of difficulty are a true challenge for everybody: U.S. Citizens and even Non U.S. Citizens! Find the hidden content to discover what we mean by this. We could not resist some sideswipes on world politics of the – according to his own proclamation – best president of the United States. Have fun!

Oh yes: The game is free of charge! Available on iOS and Android.

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