Experience Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams as a puzzle game

Experience Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams in a completely new way: As a puzzle game.


Capturing the groundbreaking, world changing twist from the original game all puzzle pieces are double-sided and show images from both worlds. In this game, however, it will add to the challenge.

Prove your puzzling skills in three trying play modes. Find the right piece from different piles in “search and find” or drag and drop the pieces into place to solve the puzzle the classical way. In versus-mode, you compete against other players on one device. Whoever can add the most pieces to the puzzle in the least amount of time, wins the game. If you achieve a three star rating, a circular bonus puzzle is unlocked.

Giana Sisters: The Puzzle offers 32 double-sided puzzles with motives from Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. Each successfully completed puzzle unlocks one of 32 double-sided artworks from Black Forest Games.

Giana Sister: The Puzzle is available now as free to play game on ITunes and Google Play.