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Deponia and Edna & Harvey as Puzzle Games

Daedalic Entertainment and Chromatrix announce
“Deponia -The Puzzle” and “Edna & Harvey – The Puzzle”
for Android tablets and iPa

Deponia and Edna & Harvey as Puzzle Games

'It's tremendous fun to see Daedalic's excellent adventures from a wholly new perspective by combining impressive images with our brand new puzzle-design', says Dr. Stefan Blanck, Managing Director of Chromatrix.

‘Deponia – The Puzzle’ and ‘Edna & Harvey – The Puzzle’ offer a completely new puzzle-experience and will be a challenge to the players' skills as they try to combine the various pieces of  backgrounds from successful adventure games.

Deponia and Edna & Harvey as Puzzle Games

Deponia and the world of Edna & Harvey are about to get jumbled up: in early March, Daedalic Entertainment and Chromatrix will release the puzzle games “Deponia- The Puzzle” and “Edna & Harvey - The Puzzle” for iPad and Android tablets. Each game features 96 puzzles in form of the most popular backgrounds from the Deponia Trilogy and the Edna & Harvey Series.

‘With the new Daedalic puzzles we take another important step, along with our partner Chromatrix, on the tablet-market, which present a growth market for us, we don't want to exclude ourselves from’, explains Daedalic CEO Carsten Fichtelmann.

Deponia and Edna & Harvey as Puzzle Games

In a Versus-Mode, players can compete and testing their skills against each other. Furthermore, the games offer three single player modes. There are also variable difficulty settings, with up to 190 pieces per puzzle and surprises like rotating puzzles guaranteeing maximum mobile puzzle joy or just the occasional trip to the world of Deponia or Edna & Harvey.

The Dark Eye Browsergame

“Deponia – The Puzzle” and “Edna &Harvey – The Puzzle” will be available worldwide in the Apple iTunes Store and the Android Play Store for US$ 1.99/ €1,79/ £ 1.49/ RUR66 in early March.

The World's first The Dark Eye Augmented Reality Game
Click on the picture and watch the trailer on youtube

Click on the picture and watch the trailer on youtube




present a completely new gaming experience

An alien might is awakened.
Dangerous creatures strike terror into the heart of the forest.
Fight as warrior, magician, or elf and
solve the mystery of the bewitched forest in your first

The Dark Eye Augmented Reality Game

Now available
Exclusively at Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany

Fire and Ashes released

Fire and AshesFire from the Burning Sky has struck and the once-proud Imperial City of Gareth lies in smoldering ruins.

Along with a handful of survivors, you try to escape the chaos, but there seems to be no end to the demonic terrors that bring death and destruction.

And if that wasn't enough already, you are faced with the most difficult task of your life as a hero: Save the Imperial Crown! If it falls into the hands of the demon worshipers, the Empire is going to break apart. The future of the Empire is in your hands.

Fire and Ashes is the second part of the Firestom Trilogy.

This is the most complex The Dark Eye adventure ever released.

The authors are Hadmar von Wieser and Sebastian Thurau.

NEW: Dragon's Egg Academy opens store!

Tavern Games“What is this?” you ask the tulamidian merchant.

"These are magical cloths made by the Dragon's Egg Academy at Kunchom. Do you see the sigil on it? This is a magical Glyph. This Glyph enchants a weapon. There are also others that allow you to enchant shields or parrying weapons.".

You can choose from five different Glyphs and may use up to three per weapon/shield.

New Feature: Tavern Games

Tavern GamesTDE-Browsergames with New Feature:

Welcome in Aventuria's taverns!

Dare a game or competition to hear the jingling of the coins in your purse.

You may choose from among a total of 14 games from five adventures. You will not gain any Adventure Points but your hero can take away his winnings. However, you may play here once per day. For free!

Choose from dice games or card games, Lucky Ball, arm wrestling in three variants, boxing match, some sort of Black Jack with 20 points (instead of 21), and Garadan, a tactical game against a Grolm.

And now go and amuse yourself ...

Burning Sky starts the Firestorm-Trilogy

Burning SkyImperial Protectress Emer ni Bennain of Gareth has invited everyone to the Great Spring Tourney and knightly bohort at Gareth. You, too, are on your way there to experience this spectacle. But this is only the beginning of endless demonic horrors upon the Aventurian metropole. And you are right in the middle of it ... when the sky burns over Gareth.

Burning Sky is written by Tom Finn and Sebastian Thurau. Also the highly recommended Dragonfire was written by both authors. The subsequent adventure is called Fire & Ashes. It is written by renowned author Hadmar von Wieser. It is going to present you with incredible challenges within the Old Residence itself - challenges that will culminate in a spectacular finale in War for the Crown by Anton Weste.

Burning Sky contains the official Imperial Joust with more than 100 randomly selected heroes of the competition.

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